Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When is a Gargoyle Not a Gargoyle?

When it's a Grotesque.
 I belong to the Andy Skinner Technique Club - we meet once a month at the Craft Barn and not only do we learn lots of arty things but Andy also shares a few facts - apparently a gargoyle has a spout for water to come out and a grotesque hasn't - so I'd like you to meet Grot the Grotesque.

I wish I'd taken a photo before I painted him - he started of white.
He was decorated with DecoArt acrylic paints and crackle glaze, the crackle doesn't show up very well in the photo. I thought he looked a bit fed up so I put the words I'm Bored at the bottom. I can't decide whether he's going to live indoors or out.

Here's Grot with a few of his friends.


  1. Gorgeous! What is he made of? Valerie

  2. How fabulous Hazel and I bet you weren't bored at the class :)
    Von ♥

  3. Brilliant words to add as he definitely looks bored, or grumpy, or possibly a bit of both.
    Amazing creation.

  4. i neeeed one of these Hazel, he's fab.

  5. He looks wonderful Hazel! Kimx

  6. What a brilliant make! Looks wonderful and I love the wording you have used. Hugs Lisa xxxx

  7. He can always come & play with his friend Dobby! Lol! Grot looks fab Hazel! xxx

  8. He looks kinda cute actually. Great job with the colors and the I'm bored. Do you think he might be kinda cute in a bathroom? Happy Days

  9. He's an absolute treat - love the colours and patina you've created... I wouldn't want to risk him outdoors - I think srpprcrftr might be right - a bathroom?
    Alison x