Sunday, 26 August 2012

Oil Pastel Scratched Canvas

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a lady on You Tube create a scratch canvas using Sakura Cray-Pas oil pastels, I decided to have a go, so out came my oil pastels from their hiding place and this is what I made.

This is how it was done.

Start of by colouring the canvas with the oil pastels until you've got a pattern that you're happy with.

Then you cover the whole thing with black oil pastel - very messy. You then cover this with your chosen stencil, I used a Creative Expressions clock mask, then using the point of a wooden skewer scratch away the black oil pastel to reveal the colours underneath, for some reason the colours underneath don't get scratched away. I sprayed the canvas with some Americana Matt Acrylic sealer to give it a bit of protection. This is the end result.

I then embellished my canvas with some cogs, chain, charm and some letters from my stash.


  1. Love this Hazel. Will have to get out mine and have go.
    Ann B

  2. Hazel, that looks so fascinating and the way the colours still retain their vivid quality.

  3. Looks great. I used to use this technique with the kids at school, it kept them busy and quiet for ages!! Valerie

  4. What a great idea. I wonder if you could do it with black paint as well?

  5. Fantastic technique and great end result Hazel, but way too time consuming for me!!! I don't have the patience to scrape all that black away with a wooden skewer!!!!

    Sam xxx

  6. Really like the effect but it's a labour of love and your fingers must have been aching after doing that! Love the vibrancy of your colours.

  7. Brilliant technique Hazel, well done it turned out beautifully, Gay xxx

  8. Wow Hazel,
    gorgeous creation;-))m

  9. Wonderful project Hazel. Really love it. TFS the photos of how you did this.
    Regards Florence xx

  10. Wow! This is fabulous Hazel, I love the result!

    Maria x

  11. What a brilliant technique! Love it! xxx