Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Every Inchie Monday - Fantasy

What a traumatic day today has been. My poor dog Josh was attacked by another dog this morning and has been at the vets all day. He has lots of holes in his chest and side. I didn't go on the walk today so my husband had to sort it. The owner walks three bull terriers and one of them went for Josh, the other two started to get excited so Ian had to keep hold of them by their collars while the owner got her dog of Josh. My other dog Murphy did a runner so Ian had to look for him but couldn't find him, he was eventually found by a council worker running round the town, this all happened at 6-30 this morning when there wasn't many people about. The vet decided not to stitch his wounds as sometimes dog bites can get infected behind the stitch so he gave them a good clean. He said that two of the holes were connected and when he put the disinfectant in one it came out of the other. The woman hopefully will pay the vets bill - she said she would. Poor Ian has a very badly bruised finger because one of the dogs twisted while he had hold of it's collar.

I was going to post some ATCs that I made for the UK Stampers ATC swap - I mailed them earlier today, but realised later when I couldn't find the photos that I hadn't taken any. I blame the heat - it has nothing to do with age.

So here are two inchies that I made for the Every Inchie Monday challenge, the theme is Fantasy. I've always loved fairies for as long as I can remember so my inchie had to have fairies on it.

I used Caroline's stamps on a scrap of coloured card.

For this inchie I used part of a Rubber Stampede stamp.


  1. Great silhouette images Hazel and I bet they are tiny!!!

    Sam xxx

  2. Gosh what a day but pleased it was the OH and not you who walked the dogs this morning or it could have been much worse !
    I love fairy too :)
    Von ♥

  3. Hazel
    Oh my goodness, that is so awful.
    You will keep us posted.
    A few months ago, we didn't see this happen but some young girls did. A neighbour's (although someone we don't really know) cat, which had been attacked by a bull terrier, was thrown into our garden by the dog's owner. The girls knocked on our door, told us what happened. I tried to contact the SSPCA (to no avail) and phoned the Police. We finally got hold of the neighbour but sadly the cat died in his arms. I found it to be traumatic yet it wasn't my pet. I really feel for you Hazel, you must be feeling quite shaken.
    BTW the Inchies are so beautiful and ethereal.

  4. beautiful inchies. what a traumatic episode with your pup.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Josh - how horrific. I do hope he will heal smoothly and quickly.

    Lovely fairy inchies...
    Alison x

  6. I said a prayer for your dog and your husband as well. Love the inchies they are adorable.

  7. Lovely inchies. Sorry about your awful experience with the dog attack, how terrible! Hope you all recover from the shock and pain soon, Valerie

  8. Smashing inchies........your news on Josh sounds horrendous, I do hope he heals soon, Annette x

  9. Sweet inchies, Hazel. So sorry to her abiut your dog. I hope he heals well.

  10. I do hope your dog is OK,what a nasty thing to happen.

  11. How awful!!! Poor Josh! Hope he & Ian are ok! Glad Murphy was found.
    Lovely inchies!
    Alison xxx

  12. Love your stamping, hope all is well now and your poor dog is recovering. xx Flora

  13. Hope your dog is better. What a horrible morning.

    I love your inchies. They look very hopeful.

  14. What a day you had - So glad it wasn't more serious! I am not sure what an inchie is but I really like your little guys. Oops - I think they are little girls!

  15. Lovely inchies, I love the backgrounds! Sad new about your dog, I hope he heals well.

  16. so sorry to read about your poor dog - thankfully it wasn't any worse ! ( I had to have my dog put to sleep on Thursday - so have had a very bad week - very sad, cannot tell you how upset I am ) sorry - he keeps coming into my mind. I love your inchie too. Thank you for sharing it. Good luck to your doggy.

  17. I'm so sorry to hear that Josh was so viciously attacked, it happened to a very good friend of mine her dog was bitten badly it sounds as if Josh was too :{ I hope he recovers quickly and your husband must have been quite shaken :{
    Lovely twinchies Hazel, totally love the backgrounds too :D x