Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Lovely Day For A Walk

We had a lovely walk today, the sun was shining, lots of smells to smell, birds to chase and we met lots of our doggy friends.

The best bit was when we found a lovely stagnant and muddy puddle to play in.
Then we found a plastic bottle, we had a lovely game playing and tormenting each other with it.
Our lovely owner is calling us now as it's time to go home.
We heard the word bath mentioned and I wonder why she's driving with the windows open.


  1. How lovely, I can smell it from here....hope they are now freshly shampooed! The weather here is good too, sunny but still cold.

  2. Oh Hazel that is so funny. Just like my 2 doggies. We're off in the caravan for a long weekend and plan to go walking on Friday so my pics could be very similar, x

  3. That gave me a laugh Hazel, so funny

  4. They're so cheeky, your two! I guess they're both feeling much better now! xxx

  5. Aren't animals easy to entertain? That is just great fun, pulling on a plastic bottle! haha Lovely animals you have.
    Hugs, Pat