Sunday, 3 June 2012

Birds Nest Pendant.

It was my friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and I made her some jewellery for her gift.

I made the birds nest by threading three beads onto some wire and then wrapping the wire round to make the nest, then I added the bird. I attached a chain that I made with some jump rings and beads and them made some earrings to match.

Here is a closeup of the nest.

I also made her a bangle by wrapping wire and then adding beads.


  1. How pretty Hazel. Lucky friend!

  2. Wow! And the colours are beautiful. Lucky friend!

  3. WOW Hazel, love, love, love them

    Gorgeous xxxx

  4. Hazel that birdie is just gorgeous!

  5. Owww that looks wonderful Hazel love the colours :)
    Lucky friend
    Von x♥x